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Throughout the state of Oaxaca, consuming mezcal can be a significant social act with often important ritual and cultural meanings. Collective drinking of mezcal contributes to an important sense of community and belonging especially amongst the Zapotec people. Inspired in this sense of collective well-being and unity, we have created this Mezcal set for you to share amongst family and friends.

The mezcal ceramic cups are individually hand crafted by the Jasso workshop- a four- generation family run atelier located in the State of Mexico. Using a non-electric pottery wheel operated manually by the potter’s feet, each piece is hand molded and glazed before being fired at a high temperature to ensure durability and resistance. The Mezcal is artisan-made in small batches in Santiago Matatlan Oaxaca by a family owned and operated distillery. The agave plants are managed sustainably to help maintain the biodiversity of these endemic plants and are cared for to ensure the purest quality possible.

The earthy grasshopper salt (grasshoppers have been a food source in Mexico for thousands of years), complement the intense flavors of smokey mezcal.

The Set includes:

  • 1 bottle of Mezcal*
  •  4 scratched ceramic mezcaleros
  • 1 scratched ceramic snack plate
  • 1 maguey salt

*In the case of international orders it will not be possible to include mezcal due to export regulations.