Wixárika Batea - Serpent

Wixárika Batea - Serpent

Nayarit y Jalisco

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This decorative batea design uses traditional Wixaritari iconography while nodding to the 1968 Olympic Games poster – a design originally inspired by Huichol art. In this culture, serpents are sacred messengers - they take messages up to the gods and return in the form of rain. Each piece is handmade using yarn set in beeswax, lining the hand-carved wooden base - a perfect example of the extraordinary craftsmanship of the Wixárika people.


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Diam: 42 cm (16.5")


Madera, Estambre

Care Instructions

We recommend keeping this item out of direct sunlight. Lightly dust regularly. This decorative item is not meant to hold objects.