Marigold Altar

Marigold Altar


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Traditionally, flower arches are used during the Day of the Dead as portals between the spirit world and the world of the living. Our handmade flower altar simulates the cemasúchil flowers with their vibrant color and delicate beauty.


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The purchase of handcrafted products contributes to the preservation of endangered artisanal traditions and creates a positive impact on the lives of many artisans and their families. This practice aligns with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles by promoting sustainable production and fostering inclusive economic growth.

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S: 36 x 27 cm / 14" x 10.5"
M: 47 x 34 cm / 18.5" x 13.5"
L: 60 x 40 cm / 23.5" x 16
XL: 70 x 49 cm / 27.5" x 19"


Hand woven

Care Instructions

Gently shake altar from time to time to remove dust.