San Bartolo Coyotepec Black Clay

Our line of black clay products is handmade by four family workshops in San Bartolo Coyotepec, Oaxaca, a community where mtos of 600 families that are dedicated to this artisan process. The color of black clay is due to the specific propertiesíficas of the clay of this regionorn and the cooking processorn. Clay is mined from the surrounding hills and immersed in water to remove impurities, a process that can take up to a month. The clay is molded by hand on flat surfaces close to the ground and once molded, the pieces are put to dry for approximately 3 weeks.

The purchase of this product contributes to preserving the artisan tradition and improving the lives of Mexican artisans and their families.

Once dry, the pieces are burnished, that is, the surface is rubbed with a curved quartz in order to compact the clay and create a smooth and dark finish when firing. The next stage consists of firing the pieces in ovens that reach a temperature of 700/800 degrees Celsius. During firing, all the openings in the kiln are closed to create an atmosphere devoid of oxygen, which causes the iron oxide particles in the clay to change and as the pieces emerge, they have a glossy black finish. These parts do not contain lead.